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Reward Program

What is the AUROLA Reward Program?

The AUROLA Reward Program is a loyalty system for AUROLA customers to get multiple rewards by engaging with AUROLA.

What does the AUROLA Reward Program include?

There are five main cores for this program:


Points are the basic element of the system. You will be rewarded with points in various ways, and you can redeem points for multiple benefits.For example, you can redeem points for flat discounts, free shipping vouchers, etc.


In cashback, you will be rewarded with points for every dollar you spend with AUROLA.The cashback rate for AUROLA is 1:1.For example, if you spend $100 on your order, you will get 100 points as a reward.Note: cashback points will be valid 10 days after the order is confirmed.


We value friendship in AUROLA. You can easily earn rewards by referring your friends.You will be rewarded with 500 points after the referred friends signup and complete their first order.Your friends will be rewarded with free shipping for their first order.


We all like challenges and breaking through ourselves. AUROLA will reward you with points by completing a series of challenges.You will be rewarded by following our social media accounts, making your first order, ordering over $100 or even a daily login. Check out more challenges on our rewards panel.


AUROLA is a fan based brand. We will never forget our loyal fans and we will reward them based on the level of their support.At different levels, you will get either an entry reward or a fixed-discount, or even become an early tester of AUROLA's new product.

How to enter the reward program?



How to redeem points?

Click reward panel → click “redeem” →Choose the coupon to redeem

How to refer a friend?

Click reward panel → Copy your personal refer code → share with your friends →get reward after your friend made first order